A look at my in-flight essentials


Summer means summer holidays; sun, sea and TLC. To help your airport trip run 
smoothly I’ve compiled a few things that I can’t go without when travelling.

Moisturiser/hand cream/lip balm | If you are a dry skin sufferer normally then any form you moisture you can get you will need when on a flight. The air-conditioning on planes is your skins enemy, so to prevent the dry sponge effect - which I’ve been there after a long haul flight from New York, it was not a pleasant experience - make sure you use copious amounts of lip balm/hand cream/moisturiser - moisturiser is more for long-haul flights when you tend to take your makeup off but if you don’t wear make up on a flight anyway then go for it | Simple moisturiser | Neom hand cream | Burt’s Bee’s lip balm

Makeup | When I say makeup I don’t mean your everyday makeup bag, that belongs in your suitcase. However, theres nothing wrong with take a bit of powder, lipgloss and blush to refresh after a flight | Revlon lacquer balm Demure | Rimmel stay matte powder 

Headphones | Whether you like in ear or over ear, headphones are must. If you’re a nervous flyer they help to distract you for you can be wished away to your favourite music, movie or TV show and they’re also effective at drowning out the sound of a crying child two rows behind you | Apple earphones

A good book | when travelling you tend to have a lot of time on your hands with flying and waiting around in an airport - especially if you get delayed. To prevent boredom a good book always helps, you can then finish it whilst lounging by the pool with a cocktail when you get to your destination.  An e-reader would do the job as well but nothing can beat a physical book for me | Orange is the new black ~ Piper Kerman (as a side note, OITNB is my new obsession and the book is beautifully written)

Glasses | This won’t be for everyone but if you’re a typical contacts wearer - like me - you want to ditch them in favour of your glasses for a flight. The air-conditioning on planes with dry out your eyes and if you want to sleep then you’ll need to take them out anyway so it’s best to not bother in the first place | Gucci optical frames

Calming oil | For nervous flyers or those that want to sleep a calming oil is great. It’s often difficult of sleep on a plane, partly because you can never truly get comfortable, partly because of turbulence and partly because of the other 400 spectators but a calming oil helps you drift of into a relaxing sleep. For nervous flyers it will calm your nerves and help to relax you, too | This works deep sleep oil ~ full review here

Hair ties/grips | There’s nothing better than tying up your hair when you get onto a flight or when you land and the the heat hits you - especially if you’re coming from a gloomy UK to a humid Spain for example | Newlook scrunchie

Comfy clothes/socks | I’m one for looking presentable at the airport but I still like to be comfy. On a scale I’d say I’m between those that wear a full tracksuit and those that wear heels and a pencil skirt (which I have seen before and think its just ridiculous in my opinion). My go-to airport outfit is my favourite over-sized comfy t-shirt from Topshop, my disco pants from American Apparel or black leggings, my holiday sandals and a blazer to add the presentable side. I also always get cold feet on a plane - though I suffer with getting cold feet all year round - so socks are essential for me too | Topshop socks

Passport | I think this speaks for itself but you can’t get anywhere without one of these and forgetting would end your holiday before its even started

What are your in-flight essentials?

~ Jade xx

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