My makeup bag

Today I thought I’d give you a little tour around my make-up bag. I tend to keep to the same basic make-up routine of a natural eye with winged liner however I do love to add a bright, bold lip at times (as you’ll see later on) and occasionally I’ll go for a darker more dramatic eye.

For lipsticks I love my orange-pinky brights.

(Left to right)
Clarins Jolie rouge - 07 Rasberry
Mac amplified - Impassioned
MUA - Shade 15 Juicy
Lancôme Rouge in love - 322M Corail in love
Kate Moss for Rimmel - 110

Eyes I like to keep neutral.

Urban decay - Naked palette* (the perfect palette for neutral eye lovers like me)
MUA - Heaven and Earth palette (such a bargain!)
MAC mineralize eyeshadow - snow season (limited edition)
MAC paint pot - painterly
MAC quad - Kid & Smut (my more dramatic eye colour)
MAC eyeshadow - omega (perfect brow colour)
Rimmel exaggerate liquid eyeliner - 001 Black
Avon glimmerstick eyeliner* - cosmic brown
Maybelline the falsies flared - Black

Base wise I am yet to find a foundation I love for my oily skin however I have found my favourite concealer.

 No7 Beautiful skin BB cream Normal/Oily* - Fair
No7 Beautifully Matte foundation* - Warm Ivory
YSL touche éclat - shade 8 
Collection 2000 lasting perfection concealer - shade 1 (fair) & shade 2 (light)

For skin I only ever use one combination (I’ve also included my favourite lip balm because I didn’t know where else to fit it in).

Rimmel blush - 001 Santa Rose
Bourjois bronzer - shade 52
Blistex intensive moisturiser

That’s everything in my make-up bag (except my powder which I was too lazy to get from my handbag - it’s Rimmel stay matte for those interested). 

What's in your make up bag?


~ Jade xx

Exams, college work...MOTIVATION.

The start of a new year is that time where everyone has to get back into the routine of reality. Waking up from the dreams of Christmas is hard. Eating chocolate, watching films and sleeping till noon is something we all enjoy and never want to leave. But it has to be done.
The new year also means...EXAMS. Oh the joys. It's hard to come out of the Christmas spirit to go straight into revision and writing essays. However, the wrong way to go about it is to leave everything to the last minute (so I have found). It's 2 days until I go back to college and I have an essay to write, art work to do and revision for a biology exam...yet I am sat here writing this. 
What I need is MOTIVATION. I need to set myself targets and reward myself when I meet them. A good tip to get work done is to sit down, with no distractions, and just get on with it. Have a drink and a snack by your side so you don’t make excuses to stop working (you know you do it!). Set a time limit of how long you think you can work for. When you're starting to feel frazzled take a short break to relax or watch an episode of your favourite TV programme. Then do another hour of work and so on. You'll be surprised at how much work you can actually get done.
The key to revision is not to get overwhelmed. This is a problem I have. I over think what I need to do and get myself anxious which makes it twice as hard to revise.  Revision will never be effective if you do 3 hours the night before. It's best to start a few weeks before the exam and do an hour or two every so often. The best way to revise is to be relaxed and focused. Get back from school or college, have a bath with some lush products (if you're into that kinda thing) 
and r-e-l-a-x. Then get into some comfy clothes and your ready to revise. 
Hope this helps.
Do you have any other tips to help with revision?
~ Lucy xx

New year, new me | 2013 New Years resolutions

Happy 2013! 

I decided that this year I was going to write myself some new years resolutions. I’ve never set myself resolutions before however I feel as though I need a kick up the bum to not let this year go to waste.

My first resolution is to become more focussed and motivated this year. Recently I’ve entered a bit of a slump where I really can’t be bothered to do anything. This has unfortunately affected my college grades as I’m underachieving. I’ve always called myself the Queen of procrastination but recently I’ve taken this to a new extreme (even as I’m writing this I’m supposed to be doing chemistry revision for upcoming exams *sigh*). So, because of this I feel as though I should take matters into my own hands and do something about it as I don’t want to be disappointed when it comes to A-level results day.

My second resolution is to live life to the fullest that I can. Though this sounds cliché I feel as though I don’t take up as many of the opportunities in life that I possibly can. I often find myself in my room on my own with my laptop quite often doing nothing in particular which is not only anti-social but also un-productive. I don’t want to look back on this year and feel as though I haven’t lived it. I want to be able to look back at a year where I took opportunities, where I was spontaneous and where I did things out of the ordinary for me. 

Both of resolutions do slightly contradict each other. On one hand I want to put my head down and get on with my education but on the other I want to go on adventures and see where life takes me. But they make sense to me and at the moment I feel as though I would be able to make these changes. Who knows? I may fail and look back at this post and think - ‘well that didn’t work’ - but I’m going to try anyway. :-)

What are your new years resolutions?

~ Jade xx

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