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Last year I shared with you all a few snaps from my holiday to Mallorca - which can be seen here -, so I thought it only right to do the same thing again this year. This year however our holiday was slightly different despite us being in the same place. On and off we've been coming to Mallorca for eight years and as you would've seen from last years post we tend to very much have a 'water holiday' of jet skiing and boating. This year however we decided that we were going to see more if the island, since we only ever go to the same places and never explore. We visited two previously unexplored places this year, Sóller and Alcúdia.
The tram which takes you from the town of Sóller to the port
Port de Sóller
The first place we visited was Sóller. We took the old rain from Palma up to the north side of the island to the town of Sóller (it took about an hour) and had a very enjoyable time looking around both the town and the port which you can travel down to via a tram which takes about twenty minutes. It's very touristy but still a nice day out. There are many restaurants of all different style of food and budgets - we decided to have a traditional spanish mixed paella for lunch. There is also a small beach at Port De Sóller where you can sunbathe and swim or enjoy some water sports which you can rent from the beach hut.
Part of the Roman ruins
Stall in the market of Alcúdia
The second place we visited was Alcúdia on the north eastern side of the island. This too took about an hour to get there but this time we drove as we have the luxury of having a car in Mallorca, but the island is connected by extensive bus routes as well. Alcúdia is an old medieval town which is still partly surrounded by the original medieval wall built to protect the city. There is a market held on Sundays and Tuesdays however it is less of a traditional spanish market of food and crafts and more of a fake handbags and fake watches deal, which I was a little disappointed with, there are a few stalls with traditional spanish crafts though (one spanish man had a stall of handmade leather goods) but there aren't many. Again there are lots of different restaurants to which we stopped in a small café and had a spanish omelette (one of my favourites but I'm rubbish at cooking it myself). Alcúdia also houses roman ruins which as a self confessed history nerd I really enjoyed. It's 3€ per person to go around the ruins and the museum. The ruins are quite well preserved and it's not a 'look but don't touch' thing which I liked because you could actually walk around the ruins themselves (respectfully of course, I don't think they would've appreciated me doing cartwheels across a wall dating from 100BC). The ruins include the forum which is where roman politics was carried out, three residential areas and also a small ampetheatre. The museum is situated in the town and although not very big was really well put together - although all of the plaques are in spanish and the English (and other languages) guide books only tell you a brief summary of the section opposed to the individual item.
Marina in Palma
Views at dinner in Puerto Portals
Left: The beach at Puerto Portals Right: Sunset over the marina in Palma
Left: Dinner in Wellies at Puerto Portals ~ Seafood and tropical fruit salad Right: Tapas on our last night in Palma ~ El Burladero
We also went to a few of our favourite spots like the beach at Puerto Portals which is about twenty minutes from where we stay in Palma. You're pretty much assured the best weather during august in Mallorca with over 30 degree temperatures everyday so if you're going to sit on a beach I highly recommend buying an umbrella - which are only 13€ - to ensure you don't suffer from heat/sun stroke as there often rarely any shade. There are also many restaurants in Puerto Portals however they tend to be more expensive as Puerto Portals is quite an expensive area.
How did you spend your summer? 
~ Jade xx

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