Real luxury | Neom

Neom is one of my favourite ‘treat yourself’ brands. It’s always the first place I go if I need to buy a present for someone but don’t know what to get them because they do such a vast range of products that’s theres something for everyone and because they aren’t typically the type of products you would buy for yourself generally the gift receivers are always excited to receive a Neom parcel - over the years I’ve learned that they make the best birthday and mother’s day presents for any ladies in your life - but it is also a great place to go if you want a pick me up for yourself, you’ve had a stressful time recently or you just want to reward yourself with something you wouldn’t generally buy.

Neom as a brand is also great. They use 100% natural ethically sourced ingredients in their products so not only are their products good for your skin - away from any artificial perfumes, harsh preservatives, paraffin's or any petrochemicals - they are also ethical in how they source their natural ingredients.
Neom recently went through some re-branding so I thought I’d show you all a few products from my favourite scent - Real Luxury - though Noem also carry many different scents for different needs. They provide scents to de-stress, to aid sleep, lift your mood and boost your energy. Real luxury is one of the scents in the ‘de-stress’ range containing lavender, jasmine and Brazillian rosewood which is perfect to use in the evenings to unwind before bed. 
The first product I wanted to talk about was the scented candle with 3 wicks. Neom have three different types of candles, the three wick, the one wick and the travel candle all made in each of the scents. I usually light the candle when I’m winding down a few hours before bed and due to the organic nature of Neom’s candles they don’t smoke which can give a grey cast to any walls and you only need to burn them for a maximum of two hours. If you burn them for any longer you end up just wasting them as the scent will remain in your room for many hours afterwards so its unnecessary to burn them for longer than you need.
The body & hand lotion and body & hand wash are again packed with scent so only a small amount is needed. The body & hand lotion is packed with moisturising properties which leaves your skin smooth and soft with a lingering scent. The body & hand wash lathers nicely and the scent, like the body & hand lotion, lingers on the skin. These are perfect gifts or a treat for yourself for when you need a pick me up or when you’re going to a special event and you want that little something extra.

What’s your favourite ‘treat yourself’ brand?

~ Jade xx

Current favourites | #6

Rimmel instant tan | Instant tan is an ingenious product which I only discovered this summer. It's great for when you you're going out and don't have time to actually fake tan but want some form of tan or when you only want a subtle glow and not the hassle of actual fake tan. You can also use it between fake tanning to 'top up' your tan when it begins to fade (this is how I generally use it). The Rimmel Sunshimmer instant tan is great. There are many different types, light colours and darker colours, matte and shimmer formulas and also a waterproof version, so there's something for everyone and it's not expensive! 

Revlon moisture stain ~ London Posh | Revlon recently launched their new moisture stain lip products. London posh is the perfect nude with subtle shimmer - which isn't a 90s throwback. The formula is somewhere between a liquid lipstick and a gloss, it's not quite one or the other however they're 100% non sticky. I think I'm in love. 

Avon ~ Sparkly citrus Eau De Toilette | My current favourite and everyday perfume is Scent Essence sparkly citrus from Avon. It’s very affordable and despite the low price tag lasts well throughout the day. As the name suggests the perfume has a light fruity scent which is great for everyday wear if you like to savour your more expensive perfumes like I do.

Barry M ~ Rosehip | I've spoken numerous times about how much I love the Barry M gelly nail polishes but I'm going to mention them again. The formula is great, we all should know that by now. My current favourite shade is a pastel pink which goes by the name of 'Rose Hip' (which was originally from the spring collection but isn't limited edition). This colour looks great with a tan but also without so it's a great summer colour for all skin tones.

MAC eyeshadow ~ Woodwinked | Woodwinked is a beautiful burnt gold shade and when blended turns into a matte burnt brown. It’s perfect for if you’re in a rush for you only need one shadow to create a lid and crease colour. I forgot about wood winked for a while but picked it up again recently and I can’t get enough.

What are your current favourites?

~ Jade xx

Mallorca | 2014

Last year I shared with you all a few snaps from my holiday to Mallorca - which can be seen here -, so I thought it only right to do the same thing again this year. This year however our holiday was slightly different despite us being in the same place. On and off we've been coming to Mallorca for eight years and as you would've seen from last years post we tend to very much have a 'water holiday' of jet skiing and boating. This year however we decided that we were going to see more if the island, since we only ever go to the same places and never explore. We visited two previously unexplored places this year, Sóller and Alcúdia.

That time of year

It's that time of year again when A-level results are released in the UK and second year college students (like myself) learn their fate on whether they're going to university or not. It can be an incredibly scary, intense and pressurised time for some or a fairly relaxed time for others (especially if you've received an unconditional offer, which I wish I had, or you have plans for a gap year, which again I wish I had). Even if you find yourself not going to university because you don't want to it's still that point where you have your results and it's time to enter the real world, away from education where there's no teachers to guide you, no routine of lessons and homework. It's time to grow up. And it can be scary. But everything will be okay. If you don't get the grades you want and don't get accepted to your first choice there's always your insurance choice, or you could take a year to re-sit some exams and end up at your first choice next year. There's a lot of pressure put on to young people nowadays to do well in education and get into a top university and get a good degree and although it's great if you do that (I know I'm going to try) it's not the end of the world if you don't or you get there and it doesn't work out. Good results are helpful to get to where you want to be, however it's not the be all and end all. 

I hope results day isn't too scary for you all and you all get the results you need/want. Good luck. 

~ Jade xx

Inside my holiday makeup bag

When packing for a holiday you have to be cautious of the weight of your suitcase and cosmetics and toiletries are really what weighs down your bag. This means that you have to streamline your makeup bag which can be quit difficult. To help make this easier I thought I'd show you all what I will be taking on holiday with me this year.

Foundation | I reserve foundation for night time when I go out for dinner opposed to wearing it throughout the day for it would just melt off. One without SPF is also great for night time as it is more likely flash photography will be used and a foundation with SPF will reflect the flash resulting in a washed out face opposed to showing off a bronzed goddess | L’oreal infallible ~ review here

Photography information

Canon 600D with 18-55mm lens, Canon 24mm lens or Sigma 70-300mm lens. Canon EOS M with 18-55mm lens or Canon 24mm lens. Any edited photos are edited using Photoshop CS6. Picture source is given for any photo used that is not directly ours.