A day at Longleat


Since Jade and I have finished our A levels- and it had been my 18th birthday the previous week- we decided to have a celebratory day out at Longleat. We had such a lovely day with the drive through safari in the morning, a tasty picnic and then explored the house and its grounds in the afternoon. For me, a huge animal lover, Longleat is the perfect day out- and of course we took full advantage of Jades bad boy camera lens!

Here are some pictures that we took throughout the day.
We dared to drive through the monkey enclosure where the monkeys are free to go wherever they want... luckily Jades car came out undamaged.
What I loved about Longleat is that they provide the rare chance to see an elephant - which isn't common in most zoos/safari parks in England - Anne, Longleat's elephant, was rescued from a circus.
I would definitely recommend Longleat as a day out for everyone.

What would your ideal day out be?

~ Lucy xx

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