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Neom is one of my favourite ‘treat yourself’ brands. It’s always the first place I go if I need to buy a present for someone but don’t know what to get them because they do such a vast range of products that’s theres something for everyone and because they aren’t typically the type of products you would buy for yourself generally the gift receivers are always excited to receive a Neom parcel - over the years I’ve learned that they make the best birthday and mother’s day presents for any ladies in your life - but it is also a great place to go if you want a pick me up for yourself, you’ve had a stressful time recently or you just want to reward yourself with something you wouldn’t generally buy.

Neom as a brand is also great. They use 100% natural ethically sourced ingredients in their products so not only are their products good for your skin - away from any artificial perfumes, harsh preservatives, paraffin's or any petrochemicals - they are also ethical in how they source their natural ingredients.
Neom recently went through some re-branding so I thought I’d show you all a few products from my favourite scent - Real Luxury - though Noem also carry many different scents for different needs. They provide scents to de-stress, to aid sleep, lift your mood and boost your energy. Real luxury is one of the scents in the ‘de-stress’ range containing lavender, jasmine and Brazillian rosewood which is perfect to use in the evenings to unwind before bed. 
The first product I wanted to talk about was the scented candle with 3 wicks. Neom have three different types of candles, the three wick, the one wick and the travel candle all made in each of the scents. I usually light the candle when I’m winding down a few hours before bed and due to the organic nature of Neom’s candles they don’t smoke which can give a grey cast to any walls and you only need to burn them for a maximum of two hours. If you burn them for any longer you end up just wasting them as the scent will remain in your room for many hours afterwards so its unnecessary to burn them for longer than you need.
The body & hand lotion and body & hand wash are again packed with scent so only a small amount is needed. The body & hand lotion is packed with moisturising properties which leaves your skin smooth and soft with a lingering scent. The body & hand wash lathers nicely and the scent, like the body & hand lotion, lingers on the skin. These are perfect gifts or a treat for yourself for when you need a pick me up or when you’re going to a special event and you want that little something extra.

What’s your favourite ‘treat yourself’ brand?

~ Jade xx

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