Inside my holiday makeup bag


When packing for a holiday you have to be cautious of the weight of your suitcase and cosmetics and toiletries are really what weighs down your bag. This means that you have to streamline your makeup bag which can be quit difficult. To help make this easier I thought I'd show you all what I will be taking on holiday with me this year.

Foundation | I reserve foundation for night time when I go out for dinner opposed to wearing it throughout the day for it would just melt off. One without SPF is also great for night time as it is more likely flash photography will be used and a foundation with SPF will reflect the flash resulting in a washed out face opposed to showing off a bronzed goddess | L’oreal infallible ~ review here

Tinted moisturiser | For a base during the day I love tinted moisturisers as they are much lighter than foundation but still give enough coverage to feel confident with your skin. This one from Bioderma is more of a tinted suncream with SPF 50. It protects your face from the sun but also gives some coverage without being too heavy or dewy - perfect for those with oily/combination skin but also still appropriate for someone with normal/dry skin | Bioderma photoderm max tinted cream

Concealer | Concealer is great for when you only want something light just to cover any problem areas in the day (although do apply a face SPF first) or during the evening when you want a fuller coverage | Maybelline fit me ~ review here

Powder | For a light coverage during the day or to set any base you do wear powder is great so your base doesn't melt off during the day | Rimmel stay matte

Eyeshadow | To keep things simple I’m only taking two palettes with me to save room but I'll still have options. Both contain very neutral colours so I can add a wash of colour during the day but amp it up at night | Naked 3 palette | MAC quad (Woodwink, Satin Taupe, Kid, Smut) ~ post here

Mascara | Waterproof mascara is the way forward when on holiday between the pool/sea and heat your mascara is bound to smudge, and this mascara means waterproof (even my regular cleanser doesn’t get this stuff off) | Revlon lash potion waterproof

Liner | Liner is a staple in my everyday makeup. Whether it's just a thin line to add definition or a cat eye it's something I can't go without and liquid liner pen is the easiest form of liner I've tried | Eyeko skinny liquid liner

Brow powder | To keep things simple I’m sticking to my usual brow routine of powder. This kit is really handy as it has three shades so it’s easy to mix a colour that suits you, its slim and compact which makes it easy to travel with and it also comes with a handy little brush, a mirror and clear brow gel | Collection work the colour eyebrow kit

Blush Bronzer Highlighter | To again keep things simple a palette that contains a bronzer, blush and highlighter will save space | Sleek face form kit ~ review here

Gloss | To prevent lipsticks from melting in the heat I’m only taking liquid lip products with me, they're also easier and quicker to apply when on holiday when you don't really want to spend forever on your makeup | Revlon moisture stain ~ London posh | Maybelline sensational gloss ~ electric orange

What’s in your holiday makeup bag?

~ Jade xx

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