The brow dilemma

Brow’s are a big part of my makeup routine as they frame the face and pull everything together, much like mascara pulls eye makeup together. I have quite dark and unruly brows which tend to take a lot of work to get under control and after using a fair few products over the years I thought I’d pull together a post of a few of the different types of products out there for brows for anyone who’s just branching into the world of filling in brows or who is stuck in a rut with what to do with them.
The traditional pencil

Pencil’s in general offer precision and control when filling in brows opposed to shadow and an angled brush. Pencil also generally doesn’t take as long as shadow to fill in brows either. That being said it is harder to create a ‘natural’ brow look with pencil - especially if it’s a soft pencil - so it’s essential that you comb through the brows before and after filling them in. Pencil also generally doesn’t last as long as it’s a cream product but if you’re going for a look that needs a strong brow or your natural eyebrows are very thin and sparse a pencil is the way forward. Versions can be found from the high street to high end including Rimmel, Maybelline and Anatasia.

My birthday week | London + Brussels 2014

Last week was my birthday and I spent part of it in Brussels and part of it in London so I thought I’d share some of my birthday shenanigans with you all. 

At the start of the week and on my actual birthday I was in Brussels with a bunch of friends. Brussels itself is an interesting city filled with amazing chocolate, waffles, chips (or fries if you’re American) and not to forget the beer - which might I add went down a treat on my birthday night out on Tuesday. The architecture was amazing and the back streets held great street food - waffles for €1, what else could you ask for?

Face of the day #3 | 02.03.14

Products used:
Topshop highlighter ~ crescent moon

It's finally beginning to get warmer in England - despite the still miserable weather forecast of rain - which means fresh, spring time pink lipstick can be worn again - not that you can't wear it at any point of the year as there aren't any rules to makeup. I picked this particular one up from boots the other day and have been loving it. It lasts a good four hours and doesn't dry out the lips, also the colour is gorgeous. Satin taupe has been mentioned a number of times here on Aquapearl but now those of you that haven't bought it yet - though you definitely should - can see why both Lucy & I love it. It's just great.

Are you looking forward to spring makeup trends?

~ Jade xx

Monthly favourites | February

I wanted something new to apply my powder as the Superdrug's own brand powder brush I have been using isn’t very soft and seemed to apply too much product, making my face look a bit cakey - also I found it smelled rather unpleasant. I had heard good things about the eco tools brushes so I picked this one up in boots LINK and have fallen in love. It is unbelievably soft, applies product evenly and softly and gives great control. I like to use this for all face products as it just works really well and I would definitely recommend it. 

As the weather is slowly but surely becoming slightly sunnier - yay!  - I have been adding some more glow to my face. I have been liking the highlighter in the sleek face form kit - full review here - as it is not too in your face and obvious but adds a nice shimmer when caught in the light.

Jade kindly bought me my first MAC eye shadow for Christmas and I have been loving it. Satin taupe is the perfect shade as it has just the right amount of shimmer. It is also perfect for both everyday and a more smokey evening look. It is lovely to blend - as all MAC eye shadows are - need I say any more?

When I bought this eyeliner I was intrigued by the angled top. I have found the tip makes it very easy to apply this eyeliner and do small wings - as I don’t venture too far in to the cat eyed look unlike Jade. It's not joking when it says it's waterproof as I have to use an eye makeup remover to remove all of it at night as my cleanser doesn't cut it. It also doesn’t fade or smudge all day.


I have a love hate relationship with this mascara but I thought that I'd mention it anyway. I love the way it makes my lashes look, it really gives them both volume and length. However, I find this mascara smudges above my eyes after about an hour after applying it and it is rather frustrating. It is also a bit of a pain to get off. Other than that, I love it. 

These new lacquer balms have been quite hyped over for the past couple of months and I completely agree with the excitement over them. I have been loving wearing this everyday pink with a slight but not too overpowering shimmer. It gives a gorgeous shine to your lips, is so easy to apply - even on the bus to college - and will be perfect for spring and summer - full review here

What are you february favourites?

~ Lucy xx

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