Barry M Gelly Hi Shine Nail Varnish | Review

Whilst I was wondering through superdrug the other day I picked up one of Barry M’s gelly hi-shine nail varnishes. I’m a massive fan of Berry M polishes as they are affordable and great quality so I was excited to try their new range.

I picked up the shade ‘blueberry’ which is a beautiful powder blue colour (the perfect spring/summer shade - even though it’s winter). These polishes are great. They dry quickly (which I love as I get very impatient waiting for my nails to dry), the pigmentation is great for a drugstore brand and they definitely are a lot shinier than regular nail polishes. They also seem to not chip as easily as my other polishes which is lovely as I’m always too lazy to put a top coat on. I will definitely be picking up more colours as they’re a small price of £3.99.

What’s your current favourite nail varnish?

~ Jade xx

Collection Lasting Colour Lipstick | Review

Jade and I went into town last weekend and I wanted to get a new lipstick. I wanted one that would go with anything and that I could wear everyday.

I didn’t want to spend too much so I went for the Collection (Collection 2000) lasting colour lipstick in number 8 ‘sweet tart’ priced at £2.99.

I really like this lipstick. The lipstick lasts a while and the colour pay-off is great. As it is only £2.99 I don’t have a problem with having to re-apply a few times. Its that perfect pink colour that gives your lips that extra bit of oomph. The texture is creamy and moisturising and it smells like classic American candy. 

I will definitely be going back to get a few more of these lipsticks and I recommend you do too! :-)

What’s the best drug store lipstick you’ve tried?

~ Lucy xx

Lush Bubblegum Lip Scrub | Review

Throughout the year I suffer from very chapped lips (especially in the winter months) which is a pain as I have a love affair with brightly coloured lipsticks which just amplify the dryness. So, as I was walking past Lush the other day I decided to pick up one of their lip scrubs after hearing much about them. I chose the flavour ‘bubblegum’ as it smelt divine (but if sweet and sugary scents aren’t your thing they also sell ‘mint julips’ and ‘popcorn’ alternatives) and so far I am very impressed.

 The scrub completely takes away any loose and dry skin leaving them smooth and perfect for my bright lip colours. They also taste amazing which is an added bonus - and kind of makes me just want to eat it as a snack rather than use it as a scrub. They retail for £5.25 which is a fair price considering the amount you get and how long one pot will last as you only need a small amount and I will definitely be re-purchasing this when mine runs out. :-)

How do you tackle chapped lips?

~ Jade xx

Revlon Just Bitten Kissable Lip Stain | Review

I recently picked up one of the Revlon just bitten kissable balm stains (a bit of a mouth full) in the colour rendezvous. I’ve been gazing at these for a while and decided to pick up the orange colour to try out. 

I have to say I’m pleasantly surprised and since buying the lip stain I haven’t stopped wearing it. They remind me of the Clinique chubby sticks (but at a fraction of the price of course) as they are both like a crayon you get in primary school which makes it very fast and very easy to apply - perfect if you’re in a rush.

The pigmentation is very good considering it’s a lip balm though they don’t pack the punch of a lipstick so if that’s the look you prefer I wouldn’t recommend. The balm sticks around for a while and I find that I only need to reapply a couple times a day and the stain really does last even after the balmy texture has worn away (I woke in the morning with orange lips even after taking off all my make-up the previous evening). 

The crayon is a wind up so you get more product than it first appears. The only thing I don’t like about this product is the shape of the tip gets lost very easily after a few uses and becomes blunt so precision gets lost easily. These stains retail for £7.99 which is half the price of the Clinique chubby sticks which is great if you’re on a budget or just begrudge paying high-end prices when you can get products just as good at the drugstore.

I will definitely be buying more of these in different colours soon. :-)

What is your current lip must have?

~ Jade xx

Snow day

Recently it snowed here in England. This doesn’t happen often so whenever it does the country comes to a standstill and enters panic mode. We were given a snow day off from college which we chose to use by going sledging (as you do) and brought our camera along.

How you do spend your snow days??

~ Jade & Lucy xx

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