Going into 2014 | Reflection on 2013's resolutions

At the start of the year I made some new years resolutions and wrote about them here. Now I’d like to take the time to reflect on my year and see if I actually achieved my resolutions from the past year as 2014 is fast approaching.

Firstly I made the resolution to be more focussed and motivated - specifically when it came to college work. I’m happy to say that I have achieved this resolution. At the start of last year I was taking some subjects that I really didn’t enjoy and most likely resulted in my slump when it came to college work. If there’s one lesson I’ve learned this year it would be that you can’t force yourself to do something that you whole heartedly hate. I changed a few of my subjects in September and have turned my grades around. I still have a long way to go though, with seven exams in the summer it could all go pear-shaped again.

My second resolution was to be more spontaneous this year. Throughout the year I’ve struggled with anxiety - something which has never effected me so much before - and so I haven’t been as spontaneous as I’d planned. However, Lucy & I did venture to London on our own for the first time this year - which can be seen here - so I’d like to say I’m getting there. I also passed my driving test this past October so with this new sense of freedom I’m hoping I’ll  have more spontaneous adventures next year.

Instead of making new resolutions for 2014 I’m going to stick with the same ones going into the new year. Both resolutions are still very relevant to me and I wouldn’t say I have completely achieved them yet - although I am getting there.

Did you achieve your resolutions for 2013?

~ Jade xx

Side note: Sorry for the lack of posts on here over the past couple of months but college work piled up and personal issues also prevailed. Also, the lack of decent natural lighting has made it difficult to take blog pictures. Hopefully in the new year things will get back to normal. We hope you all had a very happy holidays!

This Works deep sleep pillow talk | Review

“Insomnia is the chronic inability to fall asleep or remain asleep for an adequate length of time.”

I struggle with sleep and I have done for a number of years. Most night’s I only get around three to four hours sleep which as you probably know, isn’t enough. I’ve tried a number of things in the past to help - even taking herbal remedies as to me ‘sleeping tablets’ are just a no-go - but nothing has seemed to work. I’d heard a lot about the This Works Deep Sleep range and so decided to test out their ‘Deep Sleep Pillow Spray’ and ‘Deep Sleep Stress Less Oil’. Both products are a blend of lavender and chamomile which gives a rich blend of relaxing oils which supposedly help to calm your senses so that you can sleep more easily. 

I ordered the ‘Deep Sleep Pillow Talk’ duo which comes in at £22. In the duo you receive a full sized version of the pillow spray (75ml) and a half size version of the oil (5ml). I ordered mine from ASOS so that I could benefit from my student discount but you can order it straight from the This Works website too, as well as other sites such as beauty-bay etc. £22 may seem like a lot for a pillow spray and an oil however This Works believe in using quality ingredients and don’t ‘water down’ the oils in their products which means you don’t need a lot for good pay off.

You can spray the pillow spray either on your pillow or duvet - I spray it on the top of my duvet as my head never stays on my pillow for long - about half an hour before you plan on going to sleep so that it has time to work into the fabric and isn’t too overwhelming. I normally use around 6-8 sprays to do this and then leave it whilst I brush my teeth and carry out my nighttime skin routine.

The oil comes in a small roller-ball which makes for easy application. The point is to either apply it to your wrists or on a tissue to inhale before sleep. I put it on my wrists as I tend to sleep with my hands close to my face and then it works throughout the night. 

I’ve been using the combination of both products for a few weeks now and I’ve noticed an improvement in my sleep. I’m still not at the stage of a ‘normal’ sleeping pattern but my sleeping has definitely improved although I do still wake up throughout the night and sometimes I still feel just as tired when I wake up because my quality of sleep isn’t that great. Though, these products don’t claim they’ll ‘cure’ sleeping problems it just states they’ll help, which I definitely agree with.

There are other products in the deep sleep also including a balm for lips, elbows and heels, a shower gel, a bath soak, a body oil, a cream and a candle which I would be interested in trying in the future also - they even have a pillow spray for babies, so they have all bases covered.

Have you tried any This Works products before?

~ Jade xx

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