My birthday week | London + Brussels 2014


Last week was my birthday and I spent part of it in Brussels and part of it in London so I thought I’d share some of my birthday shenanigans with you all. 

At the start of the week and on my actual birthday I was in Brussels with a bunch of friends. Brussels itself is an interesting city filled with amazing chocolate, waffles, chips (or fries if you’re American) and not to forget the beer - which might I add went down a treat on my birthday night out on Tuesday. The architecture was amazing and the back streets held great street food - waffles for €1, what else could you ask for?

Over the weekend I went to London with Lucy which was my birthday present from my parents as I didn’t want anything in particular. On the Saturday Lucy & I did a spot of shopping as I decided not to bring my heels with me - although they were necessary and so had to buy some - which resulted in us both becoming flustered and leaving the very busy Oxford Street to seek refuge in the hotel with room service. After we’d recovered from the stress’ of shopping we went to see Les Misérables at the Queens Theatre. Lucy nor I had ever seen Les Mis before and were astounded at how good it was - if you ever get the chance I highly recommend it.
On the Sunday after breakfast Lucy & I wondered around London down to Buckingham palace and Green park - which was a very short walk from our hotel - before making our way down to South Bank. We got really lucky with the weather - which since has returned to rain and wind - so made the most of it, we even got ice cream. 
Then after a shoe change into something more appropriate we had afternoon tea at the Ritz - which was everything I hoped it would be and more. The tea was amazing - I highly recommend the Royal Ritz Tea - and the sandwiches, cake and scones were all amazing too. 
My week was topped off by a stressful twenty minutes of Lucy & I missing our train home from London due to tube delays, but besides that I had a fantastic birthday.

~ Jade xx

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