Benefits Roller Lash | The verdict


The Roller Lash mascara is the latest release from Benefit. With a patent-pending brush technology it promises to bring lift and curl to your lashes leaving you with a wide-eyed look. You can currently get a sample size of the new release in the March edition of Elle magazine if you want to try it before you fork out the £19.50 for the full size version, Keira Knightly is also the cover star this month so what’s not to like? 

I wasn’t a fan of Benefits They’re Real mascara and thought it was a bit blegh so I was excited to try out the Roller Lash to see how it compared. Firstly I really like the brush, it reminds me a lot of the Covergirl Clump Crusher mascara - Max Factors Clump Defy here in the UK - which is my favourite mascara I’ve ever tried. It’s the perfect shape to coat all of your lashes without clumping and the plastic bristles separate the lashes beautifully, it doesn’t add a lot in the way of volume however its not marketed to do so. The formula doesn’t smudge or flake throughout the day which is a plus as I normally look like a panda after a few hours. 

The downfall of this mascara though is it doesn’t hold a curl. The selling point of this mascara is that it offers perfectly curled lashes and when first applied it does deliver this, however after a while the curl drops and your lashes are left straight. I don’t normally struggle with keeping a curl in my lashes either so I was very disappointed.

Have you tried benefits new release?

~ Jade xx

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