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             Jane Birkin source                                                             Topshop Unique SS15 source

Having a fringe - or bangs if you’re from across the pond - is the easiest way to update your hair in a simple way that will make a big impact, this has been known for decades. That being said with 70s fashion being back ‘in’ this upcoming season the fringe is back in a big way, and is the easiest way to perfect the Jane Birkin look that will be everywhere this Spring/Summer. However, there is more benefits to having a fringe than just being on trend.

They hide big foreheads | Not saying that if you have a big forehead that you have to hide it  or would want to however if like me you have quite a bit of space between your eyebrows and hair line you may think you look like an alien at times, I do anyway. A fringe instantly hides said forehead in turn making your face look shorter.

They make an impact | As much as side swept bangs look pretty, or framed pieces with a middle parting look very boho, nothing makes more of an impact than a full fringe wether it’s a block fringe or a feathered one. 

They transform your face | Forget about Botox or a face lift, all you need is a fringe. If you have a long face try to avoid a blunt cut and instead opt for a softer cut or side sweep, this will balance your angular jaw line. If you have more of a rounded face, opt for the blunt cut with longer sides. This will create the illusion of contour giving you chiseled cheekbones.

Obviously there are downsides to having a fringe as well. Yes, you need to take more time to style your hair in the morning because let’s be honest, nobody’s fringe looks good when you first wake up. Okay, you will constantly spend time getting a trim to avoid blinding yourself with the wispy strands in your eyes. But, if your bored of your style the fringe is the easiest way to make a big change in a small way.

Will you work the fringe this spring/summer?

~ Jade xx

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