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Lush at Christmas time is a bounty full of sweet smells and glitter which can become quite overwhelming if you’ve never ventured in before - I know that’s how I felt when I first started shopping in Lush. When it comes to Christmas, Lush bring out their own loot of Christmas goodies which are nice but some of their permanent stock can also make really luxurious Christmas presents. Today I’ve put together two present ideas from Lush. One for the more mature lady perhaps - mine is for my lovely mum - and the other for a younger female in you life - mine is for a friend.

First up, the gift for mum. My mum is a hard working lady so I wanted to get her something that she can pamper herself with. Bath products weren’t an option as my mum rarely dips her toes into a steaming bath and much prefers showers. I wanted to get her something very moisturising and generally something she can pamper herself with. In the end I chose the ‘Olive Branch’ shower gel and the ‘Therapy’ massage bar. The shower gel is a mix of olive oil, mandarins, bergamot oil and vine leaves which altogether create a very moisturising product. I’ve bought one of these for my mum in the past and it lasted her a good three months because you really don’t need a lot os product, which is good because Lush products are more expensive than the average. The second product is one of Lush’s massage bars. The idea behind them is that they’re a solid body butter which you smooth over your body in the bath or shower to give your skin extra hydration. Therapy is a mix of shea butter, cocoa butter and natural oils which overall give moisturising and also relaxing qualities. The small bottle of the Olive Branch shower gel is £4.50 and the massage bar is £6.50. To go with these two products I also bought my mum a candle from NEOM so she truly can pamper herself.

The gift for teens. I decided to go for more sweet smelling things opposed to the more mature scents that I chose for my mum. ‘Snow Fairy’ is a limited edition scent which comes out every year. It smells - to me anyway - like candy floss in a bottle and I love candy floss. As with the Olive Branch shower gel you don’t need a lot of the Snow Fairy shower gel to get a good lather and they last a good while. The large bottle is £10.95. The second product is ‘Star Light, Star Bright’ which is a bath melt. These work like regular bath bombs in the sense that you put them in the bath and wait for them to dissolve, but a bath melt is different in that instead of creating a fizz and spectacular colour these dissolve to leave a luxurious mix of moisturising ingredients and natural oils. These melt very easily in your hands - which is why part of the glitter is missing in the picture above, it was on my fingers - which just shows how moisturising they are. They are coated in silver glitter however this doesn’t continue to inside, so when you leave the bath you won’t look like a disco ball! These are £3.30 and are also limited edition.

Will you be delving into Lush this Christmas?

~ Jade xx

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