Soft Winged Liner


I’m a big lover of winged liner, I think I’ve donned a defined sweep of black liner nearly everyday since I was around fourteen years old. There’s something very put together and feminine about it which I love and it’s a trend that will never cease to exist. However, it takes some practise to get right - I still don’t get it right every time - and sometimes you need something a little softer than the graphic black line will provide. Recently I’ve been liking creating my feline flick with a dark brown shadow and an angled brush. I still achieve that feline flick which I much prefer to a straight across line but it’s a less bold version - which is great if you’re a beginner or aren’t confident with wearing bold liner. All you have to do is load the brush up with shadow and create a line following your bottom lash line upwards, bring the end down to your top lash line to create a triangle and then fill it in, just like you would with gel or liquid liner. Shadow is also great for this as it’s a lot more forgiving than liquid and you can blend it out to create a smoky effect or keep it subtle for daytime.

What makeup trick are you loving at the moment?

~ Jade xx

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