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Zoeva brushes have been mentioned left, right and centre recently. A German brand which offers professional synthetic and real hair brushes at an affordable price, sounds a little to good to be true right? I recently got my hands on the Rose Golden Luxury Brush Set*, an eight piece set containing five face brushes and three eye brushes.

Firstly the appearance of these brushes is gorgeous. The rose gold ferrule with the dark contrast of the handle, every about these brushes feels luxury. The brushes also come in a brush case which makes travelling with these super easy and you don’t have to fear that the bristles will get squished and bent. The synthetic bristles are so soft that they feel like real hair and they apply makeup so smoothly with minimal effort. My favourite brushes from this set are the Luxe Sheer Cheek brush which is perfect size for contouring the cheekbones, the Silk Finish brush which has become my new favourite brush to apply foundation with and the Luxe Soft Definer which applies and blends shadow so effortlessly that even someone foreign to makeup couldn’t mess up a smoky eye. Shedding hasn't been an issue for me either which is a big win as having to pick brush hairs off your face after applying your makeup is never fun and something very common with brushes at a cheaper price point. The price of these brushes is amazing too. The set costs £55 GBP which leads each brush costing around £6.90, which is amazing as finding decent makeup brushes for under £15 a piece is incredibly rare.

Zoeva as a company also has amazing customer service which is something I always love about a brand and makes me even more inclined to purchase form them again.

Have you tried the Zoeva brushes?

~ Jade xx

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