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I wanted something new to apply my powder as the Superdrug's own brand powder brush I have been using isn’t very soft and seemed to apply too much product, making my face look a bit cakey - also I found it smelled rather unpleasant. I had heard good things about the eco tools brushes so I picked this one up in boots LINK and have fallen in love. It is unbelievably soft, applies product evenly and softly and gives great control. I like to use this for all face products as it just works really well and I would definitely recommend it. 

As the weather is slowly but surely becoming slightly sunnier - yay!  - I have been adding some more glow to my face. I have been liking the highlighter in the sleek face form kit - full review here - as it is not too in your face and obvious but adds a nice shimmer when caught in the light.

Jade kindly bought me my first MAC eye shadow for Christmas and I have been loving it. Satin taupe is the perfect shade as it has just the right amount of shimmer. It is also perfect for both everyday and a more smokey evening look. It is lovely to blend - as all MAC eye shadows are - need I say any more?

When I bought this eyeliner I was intrigued by the angled top. I have found the tip makes it very easy to apply this eyeliner and do small wings - as I don’t venture too far in to the cat eyed look unlike Jade. It's not joking when it says it's waterproof as I have to use an eye makeup remover to remove all of it at night as my cleanser doesn't cut it. It also doesn’t fade or smudge all day.


I have a love hate relationship with this mascara but I thought that I'd mention it anyway. I love the way it makes my lashes look, it really gives them both volume and length. However, I find this mascara smudges above my eyes after about an hour after applying it and it is rather frustrating. It is also a bit of a pain to get off. Other than that, I love it. 

These new lacquer balms have been quite hyped over for the past couple of months and I completely agree with the excitement over them. I have been loving wearing this everyday pink with a slight but not too overpowering shimmer. It gives a gorgeous shine to your lips, is so easy to apply - even on the bus to college - and will be perfect for spring and summer - full review here

What are you february favourites?

~ Lucy xx

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  1. I definitely need to invest in Satin Taupe! It looks beautiful x


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