Plans for twenty fourteen


One of my new years resolutions - carried on from last year - was to be more adventurous/spontaneous. To be able to do this I thought I should probably think of some things to do this year to help me on way - no concrete plans or else that ruins the spontaneity, though.

I have a burning desire to explore Britain this year. Ever since I was little I’ve travelled the world on various family holidays and never fail to go somewhere abroad at least once a year however I have never explored my homeland. I’ve been to London and Norfolk where my family comes from but besides that, nothing - I haven’t even been to the seaside. So I’ve compiled a list of a few places I’d like to go this year and hopefully I’ll be able to tick them off as I live through these next twelve months.


As I said earlier I’ve never been to the seaside despite England having a beautiful coastline. This one will probably have to wait until summer but as long as I get fish & chips and an ice cream cone - and maybe a stick of rock - I’ll be happy.

(specifically Waterford)

Ireland technically isn’t part of Britain but we’ll ignore that point. I have family that come from Waterford yet I’ve never been. I’d love to go to Ireland as I’ve heard its beautiful and I’d like to visit family I haven’t seen in years too. I’ve also heard that Guiness doesn’t taste as good anywhere else…


Lucy’s family derives from Nottingham so I’ve heard a lot about it through her and now I’d like to go myself. I’ll have my own personal tour guide too which is nice.


Lacock is a beautiful, untouched village not massively far from where Lucy and I live now. It makes for a great day trip - so I’ve heard - and I love old timey truly English towns. Part of Harry Potter was filmed there too.

And that’s the list so far. I’m sure it will be added to throughout the year, though. I’d also really like to venture up to Scotland at some point but as its over seven hours away it may take a bit more preparation.

What are your plans for twenty fourteen?

~ Jade xx

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