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Happy new year everyone! For the first post of the year I thought I'd do another instalment of 'my current favourites' - previous posts can be seen here and here - of the few new favourites I've discovered over the past couple of months.

Firstly, the Jo Malone fragrance in Amber & Lavender*. I don’t think I’ve ever used a perfume that smells so good or lasts so long. This beauty was waiting for me under the christmas tree this year - thank you Santa - and I haven’t stopped wearing it since. The 30ml bottle is £37 and the much larger 100ml bottle is £78, expensive but so worth it.

I’ve had a love hate relationship with this Super Liner eyeliner from L’oreal since I bought it around sixth months ago. However, I’ve discovered it makes it really easy to do my everyday winged liner and it doesn’t smudge. I originally didn’t like it because I didn’t feel as though it was black enough and when you used it the fluid ran out quickly, but if you shake it well before use it’s absolutely fine. The super liner also doesn’t break the bank - a definite bonus.

I’m a fan of the Maybelline colour tattoos so when Bourjois came out with their own cream like eyeshadow formulas - Colour Edition 24hr - I was intrigued. At first I was apprehensive for they’re a cream to powder formulation however they last a really long time - not quite the twenty four hours like stated, though. Colour pay-off is pretty great to, I have the colour Petale de Glace which is like a lighter version of ‘satin taupe’ by MAC. I’m not overly impressed with the rest of the colours however and I feel that the colour range is what really lets this collection down. 

After using Lucy’s Sleek Face Form palette a few times and falling in love I decided I had to get my own. Lucy’s review of this beautiful palette can be seen here.

I’m a big fan of volumised hair and am no stranger to backcomb. However, backcombing my already damaged hair with a comb isn’t the best thing for it. Enter the L’oreal studio line volume super sizing spray. This stuff is basically backcomb in a bottle. You spray it at the roots of the hair and scrunch until the desired amount of volume has been achieved. It doesn’t make your hair feel sticky at the roots like others I have tried and its very affordable - but word to the wise, don’t use this if there’s a possibility of being rained on as water mixed with stuff creates a paste and its not easy to get out.

What are your current favourites?

~ Jade xx

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