My top ten favourites of 2013


For a lot of this year I was using Rimmels Match Perfection foundation in shade 100, Ivory which I did like and was great for the summer as it is light weight and sheer, but buildable. However, when it came to buying a new foundation I wanted to try something new as I wanted a bit more coverage and I wasn’t so keen on the smell of the Match Perfection. So, I went for the popular Healthy Mix foundation. I had tried this before but wasn’t amazingly impressed as it seemed to go patchy throughout the day; but I wanted to give it another go as it has been re-formulated since then, and my skin has changed also so I was keen to see if it suited me any better. And so far, I have been enjoying it!

To apply my foundation I have been using this brush, and I agree with the hype as it is amazing! It is so soft and blends in your foundation without leaving streaks (or breaking the bank!!)

This year I’ve found this a great morning moisturiser. It keeps my skin soft and hydrated and is a great base for under my foundation as it’s not too heavy and sinks into the skin quickly. You don’t need much to cover your face and it just does the job nicely.

This palette is great for everyday simple makeup. I have especially been using the shade Naked 2 for my eyebrows and it matches my hair really well - and I think it is very similar to MAC's Omega. I have also enjoyed using shades Faint or Crave for natural eyeliner along my lash line for college as it is quick to do in the morning and looks less harsh than liquid, gel or pencil liner. Also it doesn’t look as obvious if it smudges during the day.

I have found this mascara great for natural looking lashes, yet it is buildable for extra volume. It doesn’t smudge - except I tried the waterproof version in the summer and found that to smudge above my eye - and the curved shape of the brush gives easy appliance.

This bronzer, highlighter and blush palette is perfect for everyday use. The bronzer is the perfect shade for my skin tone as it isn’t too dark or orange and the blush and highlighter provide the perfect amount of glow to the face on a dull day - you can see my full review of this here.

In the past few winter months I had been wanting to try a purple lip, and being a *rather big* Little Mix fan when their make-up collection came out I was quite excited to try it. I like the colour and the look of it with my pale skin - you can see my review of a Collection lipstick here.

As I was venturing into the purple lip colours, I also bought the Colour Boost from Bourjois. I have been enjoying wearing it with the Collection lipstick with the Colour Boost providing a bit of shine. 

9. Nail varnishes

These are the nail varnishes that have stood out to me during the year for the colours, applications - especially Maybelline -, and prices. 

10. Daisy by Marc Jacobs - Sunshine, *limited edition*

On my way back from holiday in the summer I wanted to treat myself to a perfume as I have never really ventured into perfumes before. I wasn’t really sure what I wanted and I had heard a lot of good things about the Marc Jacobs Daisy perfumes. I was attracted to the colourful flowers of this bottle and the fact that it was limited edition - and the smell of course. I have been enjoying this perfume however, next I would like to try more of a fresh scent as I sometimes find this quite strong and heavy.

 What have been your 2013 favourites?

Lucy xx

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