Favourite Nudes | Charlotte Tilbury, Rimmel & MAC


Back row: Charlotte Tilbury ~ Penelope Pink, Charlotte Tilbury ~ Stoned Rose, Rimmel Moisture Renew ~ 700, Nude Delight
Front row: Kate Moss Nudes x Rimmel ~ 43, Kate Moss x Rimmel ~ 08, MAC Matte ~ Velvet Teddy

Of late I’ve been all about nude lipstick. A few years ago nude lipstick meant brushing your foundation or concealer over your lips to make your lips blend into the rest of your face, not a good look. Now though, the nude lip has had a revamp with shades of brown or pink to compliment your skin tone and create the perfect pout. Today I’ve gathered a few of my favourites both high end and from the highstreet.

Charlotte Tilbury ~ Penelope Pink | Penelope Pink is the perfect everyday nude for any skin tone. The K.I.S.S.I.N.G lipstick’s from Charlotte Tilbury are incredible comfortable to wear with a slight sheen but still last all day, they smell great too.

Charlotte Tilbury ~ Stoned Rose | Darker and more brown in tone than Penelope Pink Stoned Rose is my more ‘evening’ nude. You can definitely wear it during the day but for when I want something a bit different for evening without wearing a red Stoned Rose is my go-to.

Rimmel Moisture Renew ~ 700, Nude Delight | My ‘summer nude’. Much warmer than any other nude in my arsenal. Without a lipliner this can look slightly concealer-lips-esque unless you have a bit of a tan to counterbalance it. Full review of the Moisture Renew lipsticks here.

Kate Moss x Rimmel Nude Collection ~ 43 | Similar to the last nude but slightly darker making it easier to wear during the colder months as a tan isn’t needed. Full review of the Kate Moss x Rimmel lipsticks here.

Kate Moss x Rimmel ~ 08 | A more pink version of Stoned Rose, another great one for when you want something different from the traditional nude but not an outlandish colour.

MAC Matte ~ Velvet Teddy | The newest addition to my collection and my only matte nude. Long lasting but not overly drying, a brown-nude which perfectly suits warmer skin tones. 

What’re your favourite nude shades?

~ Jade xx

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