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Recently I’ve been on a bit of a mission with my skin. I have dull, congested, oily skin - gross, right? - and like all of us, complain about it but never really actively did anything to fix it. That doesn’t mean I didn’t cleanse, exfoliate and all that jazz I just didn’t put too much effort into choosing products that would really work for skin. For the beginning of my mission I decided to start with Liz Earle as the famous Cleanse & Polish is a product everybody raves about, but I had yet to try. I also like that Liz Earle skin care is fuss free, cruelty free and uses natural ingredients instead of harsh chemicals. 

“Our original, multi award-winning hot cloth cleanser quickly removes 
daily grime and make up to leave skin clean, soft and radiant”

Cleanse & Polish | The Cleanse & Polish hot cloth cleanser is a cult classic and multi-award winning product. To use this product, you massage it into dry skin and rinse off using a muslin cloth and warm water. Firstly, this product is amazing at removing makeup and really does leave your skin soft, as the muslin cloth is slightly abrasive and helps to remove any dead skin. It’s a good all-round cleanser but personally for my congested skin, isn’t quite cleansing enough to shift my stubborn blocked pores. If you have normal skin of any skin type this product would be amazing, and I do enjoy using it I just need something a bit more intense.

“Buffs away dead skin cells and impurities to reveal smoother, radiant skin”

Gentle Face Exfoliator | My favourite product of all three is the Gentle Face Exfoliator. At first I was sceptical as I’m used to using very gritty exfoliators, and although this does have a gritty texture it isn’t as intense as I’m used too. However, it leaves my skin feeling baby soft and radiant and my pores and congested skin look reduced. I also really love the smell of this product. As Liz Earle use natural ingredients in their products they have a very potent, herbal fragrance to them which doesn’t bother me but it isn’t the nicest however the smell of this product is different to the Cleanse & Polish and is actually quite relaxing.

Wake up and refresh tired, puffy eyes with this gentle, soothing herbal 
lotion which can also be used to remove light eye make up”

Eyebright Soothing Eye Lotion | Out of the three products I’ve tried from Liz Earle so far, this is the only one I’ve been left disappointed by. To me, it’s bit of a nothing product. It describes itself as a ‘light’ makeup remover, a soothing lotion and also an eye brightener. For me it didn’t do much in the makeup removing department, even the remnants of makeup after using a different cleanser first. It also didn’t do much in the way of refreshing. Personally, this wouldn’t be a product that I’d repurchase.

What skincare products would you recommend?

~ Jade xx

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