Paris | 2015


Paris is a city that I’ve always wanted to go to. Despite it being only a two hour train journey away I had never been to France before let alone its capital. Back in June Lucy and I took the trip for four days and long overdue, this is our travel diary.

On our first day in Paris we arrived late afternoon after spending two and a half hours on the Eurostar from London - much to Lucy’s annoyance as she couldn’t get comfortable to sleep on the train, a true first world problem. After checking into the hotel and freshening up we decided to wonder down to the Eiffel Tower to get dinner. I had never been to Paris before, or France for that matter, so was very excited to see the tall standing building. 
We stopped off for dinner at a small cafe/restaurant with a view of the tower on our way back to the metro - side note: the cheapest way to get around Paris is via the Metro, if you’re used to the Underground, like me, it can still take some getting used to though despite it being a similar deal mainly due to the lines not having directional points like the Underground. This quaint spot wasn’t the most luxurious place to eat in Paris however the food was nice, the service was friendly and if you’re more interested in the tourist side of Paris opposed to living the high life, its perfect and budget friendly, which its hard to find a budget anything in such an expensive city.

Our second day in Paris, and our first full day, was spent visiting the top floor of the Eiffel Tower seeing the stunning views and also visiting the Monet museum. Lucy being a massive art nerd put a visit to the Monet museum at the top of the list and even as an uneducated fool in the art world, I really enjoyed it too. Unfortunately though you couldn’t take photos in the Monet museum but if you’re in the area and have an hour or so to spare, a trip to see the waterlilies is definitely worth it.

After a full day of walking for miles in the heat we decided to grab room service and watch Prison Break on Netflix opposed to going out on our second night. Sid note: if you haven’t seen Prison Break you need to watch it ASAP as I finished all 81 episodes in a week and Lucy is obsessed. 
Our third day and also the hottest day that we were there - it was 40º and I don’t deal well with heat, despite my olive skin - was spent seeing the Notre Dame in the morning before making a trip to the Louvre. The Notre Dame was absolutely stunning and I could’ve quite easily spent hours just looking at all of the minute details of the structure. The queue to get is was rather long when we got there but slow moving so if you want to go in I’d advise you get there early! 

The Louvre was also stunning. It was relatively quiet when we were there but the queue for security was very long although fast moving. We spent a good five hours at the Louvre and didn’t manage to get round everything but what we did see what great. The Mona Lisa is of course a must see although the room is always incredibly crowded and you can never get to the front, you can’t not see her if you’re in the Louvre. Be sure to look up if you ever visit the Louvre as despite housing some of the most exquisite art in the world, the structure itself is a masterpiece.

On our last day before we caught the Eurostar home in the afternoon we spent the majority of it in the Starbucks just up the road from our hotel - we stayed in the Timhotel Opera Blanche Fontaine near the Moulin Rogue. This wasn’t planned but unfortunately I didn’t feel very well at all so we didn’t get to finish our plans for what we wanted to see. However, that just means another trip to Paris will be on the cards soon.

What’re your top spots in Paris?
~ Jade xx

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