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“Apricot pigments for anti-fatigue, green pigments for anti-redness and white pigments for anti-dark spots with 24Hr hydration and SPF15 to create a luminous and flawless complexion in one step.”

I’ve been on the hunt for a good summer base recently. For me, tinted moisturisers don’t cut it as I need something with coverage as my skin is my biggest concern but I also don’t want anything that’s too heavy because heat and a heavy base don’t mix very well and will create a melting, sweaty mess. Enter, the Bourjois 123 Perfect CC Cream. I picked this up the same time I repurchased the Bourjois Healthy Mix Serum Foundation - which is another favourite base of mine, review here - and decided to road test it and see if my perfect summer base was sitting on the high street all along.

Starting with the positives, although this is a CC cream - or correcting cream - it packs serious pigment. I had heard it gave good coverage compared to others like it on the market but I was pleasantly surprised at how much coverage it gives. It isn’t quite medium coverage but will cover any smaller breakouts you have going on at the time with ease. It’s fairly thick in consistency but blends out easily - I’ve applied this with a damp sponge, brush and my fingers, all blending out perfectly. The finish is luminous and glow-y without being overly so - I like to powder it due to my oily skin but normal-dry skinned gals will be fine - it leaves a natural summer glow look without anything being glittery like some high street aluminising bases can be. The colour correcting system really works too as my hyper pigmentation is covered as well as the redness around my breakouts - I’m lucky and don’t suffer with dark circles so I can’t comment on that front unfortunately.

However, I’m not a fan of the packaging. I would prefer a pump although the product is perhaps a little thick for that but the tube is one of those where you take the lid off and the product starts to come out without you applying any pressure and can get a bit messy if you aren’t careful. Personally, I think the price is slightly high too at £9.99, which although compared to higher end brands is cheap, for the high street it’s definitely at the higher end of the scale considering this isn’t a foundation. The staying power isn't the best however I do have oily skin - I find I need to touch up a couple of times throughout the day - so it may wear longer on someone with a dryer skin type. The shade range - as with all Bourjois products - is disappointing too as there are only four shades so if you’re a deep skin tone or someone who likes a tan you’d be best to steer clear this time.

What’s your summer base pick?

~ Jade xx

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