My love for Daniel Wellington


Left to Right: Ladies Classic York, Classic Sheffield, Classy St Mawes 

When it comes to fashion my style is very minimalistic, simple and classic. I never fuss too much about the latest fashion trends - but I do like to buy a few key pieces to add to my wardrobe of basics - and I don’t like anything thats too fussy. To some that may seem boring and maybe it is, but sometimes less is more. 

When it comes to accessories I’m a big watch girl. Some girls like to have lots of shoes and handbags whereas I like to have lots of watches - although I also love handbags and shoes too. My favourite brand of watch over the past couple of years has definitely been Daniel Wellington. The brand perfectly encompass my ethos of minimalistic fashion yet still being classic and stylish, they’re the perfect symbolism of British style even being named after notable places around the Isle. I have three in my collection which may seem excessive as they are all similar but they are different I promise.

Classic Sheffield* ~ This being a mans watch has the biggest face of the three I own, I have very small wrists so I like having watches with a big face as it tends to balance them out a bit. The Sheffield watches come with a black leather strap and mine has a rose gold face but it also comes in a silver face. This is my everyday doing something watch when I want something a little more dressy than my everyday watch but I’m not doing anything particularly special, the classic Sheffield is the most recent addition to my collection.

Ladies Classic York* ~ The classic York has a dark brown strap and again mine has a rose gold face. The face of classic ladies watches are slightly smaller than the mens version. This my everyday watch that I’ve worn pretty much everyday for two years until I received the classic Sheffield, I now switch between the two depending.

Classy St Mawes* ~ Previously called the St Andrews the St Mawes watch has a light brown leather strap. The ‘classy’ style of Daniel Wellington watches have diamantes to represent the numbers and the watch face comes in two sizes, 34mm and 26mm - mine being the smaller 26mm size. I wear this one the least often as I save it for more special occasions.

If you aren’t a fan of ticking watches the Daniel Wellington style is good as none of their watches have a seconds hand making them completely silent. Also, the watch straps are interchangeable and can be bought separately so once you have the face you can buy different straps for the watches to create a whole different look for less money than buying the whole thing again. Daniel Wellington watches are also not ridiculously expensive compared to other brands of designer watches. 

What’s your favourite accessory?
~ Jade xx

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