A Lush Christmas


Christmas is my favourite time of year, it’s October and I’ve already begun my christmas shopping. Lush stocked all of their christmas goodies yesterday so I had to have a browse and ended up buying more than I intended to - but what else is new. So, I thought I’d share with you all what I picked up as Lush have brought out a few new things this year as well as bringing back some old favourites.

Snow fairy shower gel | This is an old favourite, I still have my bottle form last year which is why I didn’t photograph it as the bottle has seen better days. Snow fairy is a very sweet scent without be overly sweet. It lingers on the skin and lathers so well that you only need a drop.

Hot Toddy shower gel | This is a new addition to the christmas collection. It smells of christmas spices and is a very warm scent which like Snow Fairy lingers on the skin. It’s a great one to shower with before going out at night, especially to a festive party.

Snow Angel bath melt | Another new addition to the christmas collection. As a bath melt it releases lots of skin goodness such as cocoa butter and essential oils into the bath water, great for wintery dry skin. It has a light floral and marzipan scent and the description says it’ll create a white foam on top of the bath with a golden glow underneath. How indulgent.

Butterbear bath bomb | Yet another new addition to the collection. This cute bear shaped bath bomb smells like vanilla and creates a creamy bath full of cocoa butter, perfect for that dry winters skin.

Candy mountain bubble bar | This came out last year and is a sister product to the Snow Fairy shower gel. It has a the same lingering scent but crumbled under a running tap creates a pink, bubbly bath of dreams.

The Christmas Penguin bubble bar | This adorable penguin has been around before too, it creates a light blue, citrus bubbly mixture. Lucy was obsessed with this product last year and ended up buying about five and saving them so she could use them throughout the year so I had to pick one up to see what all of the fuss was about.

The Christmas Hedgehog bubble bar | The last thing I picked up and another new product to the collection. This bubble bar holds a fresh scent which is a mix of citrus and floral but also contains cocoa butter and essential oils making it very moisturising. You can tell how moisturising it’ll make your bath as unlike other bubble bars from Lush this one melts in your fingers when you pick it up much like a bath melt does.

There’s a lot more the collection too but I had to stop myself before my spending got too crazy, what do you love from Lush at christmas?

~ Jade xx

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