Current Favourites | #12


Jo Malone Cologne Intense ~ Dark Amber & Ginger Lily* | It’s no secret that I’m a big Jo Malone fan - who isn’t, right? - and recently Dark Amber & Ginger Lily has recently been my favourite fragrance to wear. With a top note of black cardamon, heart note of black orchid and a base of incense this fragrance is all kinds of sexy, dark and mysterious without being overly masculine. To me it paints the fantasy of sitting in a cocktail bar, in a swanky dress waiting for a handsome man to whisk me away into the sunset, a girl can dream. The cologne intense’ are slightly more expensive than the regular 100ml colognes at £105 and don’t come in a handbag size but they do last on the skin longer and use rarer ingredients so are worth the investment if you like deeper, sexy scents. Velvet Rose & Oud is another favourite from the collection as well.

Seventeen Mono Eyeshadow ~ Funfair* | This shadow is all kinds of beautiful. It’s a pink duo-chrome which in some lights will look either pink or iridescent however on the eye it doesn’t look overly pink or unwearable. This is also one of the softest shadows I’ve used from the highstreet and is incredibly budget friendly.

L’Oreal True Match Foundation | The L’Oreal True Match recently went through an update in both formula and packaging. I remember picking this up a couple of years ago and not liking it but I’m enjoying the new formula - full review here.

Fleur de Force x Eylure ~ Fleur Loves | I’m a big eyelash girl however I don’t like any which are hard to put on or incredibly noticeable when wearing them, I just want to look like I’ve naturally got perfect lashes. These lashes from Fleur de Forces range are not only incredibly easy to apply thanks to the clear lash band and the fact that they’re only 3/4 lashes but they’re incurably natural but still give umph. They have a new technology which tapers the tips so they easily blend in with your natural lashes and if you’re a winged liner girl, like me, the shape of these lashes will emphasise that slinky eye look.

Large Hair Grips | I recently picked these up from Boots instead of the normal sized ones and I’m wondering why I never got them before. If you have long or thick hair which doesn’t stay gripped very securely or you have to use about twenty pins at a time then you need these in your life. Pronto.

What are you current favourites?

~ Jade xx

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