How to | Splatter nail art


This post is a quick how to on splatter nails. It’s a super easy process and perfect for summer.

What you will need:
~ Base/Top coat ~
~ Four nail varnishes of varying colours ~
~ Cello-tape (optional) ~
~ Nail varnish remover ~
~ Cotton wool buds ~
~ Straws ~

Step one: Apply a base coat to protect the nails from any staining and apply a base colour. We chose to use a bright yellow (Avon nailwear pro+ in ‘Lemon Sugar’) but you can use any colour really, though if you’re going to use darker colours to splatter with we’d suggest you use a lighter base colour.

Step two: Next you want to cover the space around your nails with cello-tape - one strip above the cuticle and then a piece either side should suffice. This just makes the cleaning up process a bit easier however it is optional. 

Step three: Next you want to chose the colours you want to splatter across your nails - we used various colours from the Barry M gelly line. Three colours works best however you can chose as many you want to. To splatter them across the nails you need to dip your straw into the nail varnish - using a different straw for each colour -  and then blow across the nail (be sure not to blow too hard or you’ll cover the whole nail or get large blobs of nail varnish which will take a while to dry..we found this out the hard way..). As you can see from the picture above this process can get quite messy so make sure you cover your work surface.

Step four: Leave your nails to dry completely (this may take some time depending on how many colours you used and how big the ‘splats’ were). 

Step five: Remove the tape from around your nails - if you used any - and clean up around the edges by dipping a cotton wool bud into nail varnish remover.

Step six: Apply a top coat to seal everything in and you’re done!

~ Jade & Lucy xx

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