Things I recently bought


1. Bourjois bronzer
I've never been into bronzer, so I've been quite wary since starting to use it. I got shade 51 as I have fair skin but sometimes I have to build it up. Also, I feel like it might be a bit yellow-ish for me. Except from that I like this product. I use it to bring out my barely visible cheek bones and have noticed a difference when I wear it. It is also good for the days where you just want a bit of colour to your face without having to contour. It has a very slight shimmer and I like that it's not too over powering. Although I don’t have anything to compare this to, I think it is a good standard bronzer. 

2.  Match perfection foundation
I don’t love this product, but I don’t hate it. I think it's just one of those everyday foundations that does the job but isn’t anything amazing. The lightest shade was too light for me so I thought that as summer is coming up (although I don’t really tan) I would go for the next shade up. This is slightly too dark for me but with my handy real techniques buffing brush I can blend it in fine. It stays well on the skin, although being at college all day it does tend to go patchy from when I've been resting my head on my hand or something. It has SPF 18 which is great now that we're seeing a bit more of the sun (yay!). I think this foundation would be good for combination skin. It tends to go slightly patchy on both the dry and oily parts of my face, so for the middle ground of the two I think it will stay on well. It will be great for summer when you want a light coverage, but don’t want to go bare faced. Overall I think this is a good, but basic foundation for everyday use.

3. Colour tattoo 
As I have oily eyelids I wanted something to use as an eyeshadow base/primer. I didn’t want to spend out on a MAC paintpot so I thought a pinky/shimmery (‘pink gold’) maybelline colour tattoo could also be used as a cream eyeshadow on its own. I like how this looks on the eyelids - on its own or with eyeshadow over the top - and it is easy to apply. It makes my eyeshadow last much longer so definitely does the job.

4. Vans
Oh. My. Goodness. I love these shoes. They are perfect for everything. They look great with jeans, shorts and skirts. You can dress down dresses with them. They just look good with anything. I got them online from schuh on sale for £25, so they might not still be available. I've been wanting some for a long time so I thought why not while they're 44% off!  Mine are in the colour 'stone' but I'd say they're more of a very pale, lemon colour - perfect for summer. I have been wearing them pretty much every day since I've got them. They are suuuuuper comfy so perfect to wear to college. 

What have you bought recently?

~ Lucy xx

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