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As the festive party season is upon us I thought I’d share with you all my beauty essentials 
for this time of year that will see you through any festive occasion from a 
Christmas meal to a New Years party.


At every event this party season there’s going to be pictures taken so to prevent yourself looking overly shiny never go without powder - I’m forever in love with the Rimmel Stay Matte - even if you usually would skip it as you may look great in person but the camera will pick up any shine and multiply it by ten. But that doesn’t mean you can’t add a little highlighter to still have a healthy glow - I’m currently loving the Topshop highlighter, review here. You also want a good concealer as the same with shine the camera will pick up any blemish even if its only small. For this I love the Collection lasting perfection concealer but I don’t need to go into detail as everyone and their mother knows about it by now.


For eyes I’m still loving my Stila in the light palette - review here - as you can create subtle, natural looks perfect for a low key affair but you can also create serious glamour which would fit perfectly for a New Years bash. I’ve also been loving the Maybelline master drama chromatic pencil in vibrant gold for a hint of gold sparkle under the eyes. If you’re going for winged liner this season then you have to get your hands on the L’Oreal super liner perfect slim, I’ve never used a product that makes winged liner so easy and I’ve repurchased this countless times.


My favourite lashes of the moment are the Eylure volume lashes No 100. They have a clear lash band so you don’t have to wear liner with them and they add volume and length without being over the top and heavy on your eyes - I barely ever leave the house without wearing them.


For lips I have the classic festive red in the form of my current favourite from L’Oreal - full review here - but also a nude option if you aren’t daring enough to go bold or you’re going to a dinner and don’t want the hassle of a red lip. The Kate Moss x Rimmel lipstick in 03 has been my current go-to nude and is a high street dupe for MAC’s Velvet Teddy.


For nails I’ve been loving the combination of Revlon’s Vixen layered with Barry M’s glitter polish in Treasure chest. I don’t like wearing red polish as it stains my nails but the combination of plum and gold is still festive and fitting with the season.


For perfume I’ve been love Wood, Sage & Sea Salt from Jo Malone. It’s woody but still quite light and fresh so it’s great for day or night.

What are your festive beauty essentials?

~ Jade xx

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