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I’ve been waiting for these to arrive on the shop floor since I first saw them pop up in the beauty-sphere a month or two ago. I have a great love for these chubby stick-like lip products which started with the original hughstreet version, the Revlon just bitten kissable balm stains - review here - and then moved onto the Bourjois colour boost balms - mentioned here - as they’re so easy to apply - I’ve even perfected the art of applying them whilst driving, which is something I definitely don’t recommend.

I personally liked the Bourjois offering better than the original Revlon ones - I am yet to try the Rimmel and L'oreal ones - as they were more glossy and moisturising so when I heard Revlon were bringing out a new and improved lacquer balm formula I was quite excited and picked up the shades ‘demure', 'vivacious' and 'coquette'. 

Demure is pinky nude - not something I'd normally go for - but is great for everyday wear and gives a little something extra than just a plain old lip balm, it also holds a small amount of glitter which isn't overly noticeable on the lips. Coquette is a blue toned light pink which like demure holds not so noticeable glitter - a perfect colour when you want something more than a nude but not an overly in-your-face colour. Vivacious is more my usual cup-of-tea - a vibrant red toned pink - perfect for summer or when a pick me up is needed mid-winter. 

Left to right: Vivacious, Coquette, Demure 

The new formula is super glossy, shiny and moisturising so if you’re a fan of lipgloss but want something with a bit more colour pay off or just love balm sticks like me then I would definitely recommend you give these a whirl. Each colour also packs a lot of pigmentation despite the balm texture - even demure which you wouldn't think had a lot colour to it. I also really like the packaging of these. Like other crayons they have a wind-up feature but the super shiny outer casing makes them look sleek and more expensive than they actually are. 

There’s definitely something for everyone in the range of ten shades so whether you prefer more subtle, neutral lips or more vibrant, bold lips they’ll be something for you - there's even nudes for darker skin tones which hughstreet brands don't usually cater for. However, the balms still have the peppermint scent the original just bitten kissable balms did, so if you weren’t a fan of that then be weary. These are on sale for £7.99 and all Revlon products are currently on a 3 for 2 offer in Boots - a perfect excuse to pick up a few.

Have you tried the new lacquer formula?

~ Jade xx

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