Re-discovered beauty bits


Recently I re-discovered some old favourites from deep within my beauty stash where products get left behind, mainly because I’ve bought something new and then I end up forgetting about them completely. 

First up is my very first MAC lipstick. Impassioned is an amplified formula so it’s packed with pigment and lasts for hours. It’s a beautiful blue-y toned fuchsia colour which is perfect for summer. I remember I loved this when I got it two summers ago, never not wearing it but somehow it was put in my makeup drawer of non-everyday bits and was left behind completely.

Rimmel's blush in Santa Rose is a great everyday blush colour and a very old favourite of mine. It’s the perfect rose colour that suits almost all skin tones. Since me buying this god-knows-when the packaging for Rimmel’s products have been updated, so it just shows how long this product has been left behind in my discarded pile.

I love to add texture to my hair, to give it a little something extra than just leaving it limp and lifeless. I bought the Bumble and Bumble surf spray a while back now, used it a few times and then forgot about it as I’m always buying texturising serums, sprays and mouses. I like to spray this into wet/damp hair opposed to dry hair as it can be quite crunchy. It gives a lovely beachy look without heat styling and gives great texture and hold when I’ve added heat to my hair. Though, I'm not a fan of the smell as it's rather chemical-y.

It’s quite amazing what you can find in the depths of your beauty stash opposed to continuously buying new products from Boots. 

Have you re-discovered any products recently?

~ Jade xx

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